August 15, 2022

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My Genuine Proposal To Steemmonsters|我给Steemmonsters团队的一个建议

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Steemmonsters blockchain trading cards game

Steemmonsters blockchain trading cards game

Hi to all Steemmonstersians,

Steemmonsters is no doubt one of the most successful blockchain games on Steemit!

This game can have a bigger fanbase and newcomers, if @steemmonsters dev team decide to make some little changes here:

I’ve been asked by one of my best friends to try out another ETH based trading cards battling game: Godsunchained

Once I’d logged into their account – I was being gifted some packs to test out the game.

Suddenly, I have some ideas running through my head…

What if – @steemmonsters also offer some “FREE training packs” to the newcomers?

Of course, the newcomers can only use the “FREE training packs” to understand the basic battling modes only.

If they want to get involved with REAL ranked battles – they still need to purchase the STARTER PACK!

They can keep the “FREE training packs” as a souvenir, even after they’ve bought the STARTER PACK.

After all, it’s just my 2 cents suggestion, still hope that @steemmonsters dev team will consider it.





在早前,我的一位好朋友要求我尝试另一种基于ETH的交易卡战斗游戏: Godsunchained

当我登录了他们的Beta帐户后 – 我就被赠送了一些新人卡包用来测试游戏。




如果他们想参与真正排名的战斗 – 他们仍然需要购买新手包STARTER PACK!

过后,他们依旧可以保留“免费培训包”作为纪念品,甭管他们购买了新手包STARTER PACK。


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